Say Cheese

I had a really interesting day at the Pepe Saya factory today. The lovely Cheese maker Janet Clayton from Cheeselinks in Victoria showed us from start to finish how to make Camembert & Romano Cheese.  

Big thanks to everyone that made it possible. I can't wait to eat the finished product!

If you are interested they are running two more sessions. Details can be found here.

Tentsile - more like a hammock than a tent

This is such a crazy but cool idea. A three bedroom tent/ hammock. Be interesting to sleep in on a windy rainy night. You'd probably end up a lot drier than the usual muddy soppy mess you end up with.

Would love to hear from someone thats actually stayed in one to find out how comfortable they are and how hard it is to put up and move around inside of. 

So if you buy one, let me know!